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  February 3, 2023
Glass Machinery

Machine ID 4727 Year 2009
Category Glass Machinery - Insulated Glass (IG) Equipment Condition Good
Type Vertical Laminating Line Region Northeast US
Manufacturer Tenon    
Model 2000    
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Description TE Series Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line model TE 2000 is

manufactured, assembled and inspected according to ISO9001 Quality Control

System. Most electric components are imported from Germany and Japan. The

stainless steel washing machine and the structure of I.G. line is made by

nonferrous special steel to ensure a long working life for the machine. Tenon

provides satisfied after sales service and spare parts in collaboration with IGE

Solutions in North America.


� Fully automatic control by Touch screen and PLC, easy operation.

� Automatic recognition and special program for LOW-E glass.

� Stainless steel washing machine prevents corrosion and ensures longer

machine life.

� Frequency inverter control of both glass transport and brush rotation speed.

� Energy saving system for the washing machine.

� The cover of conveyor and plate presser are made in stainless steel

� High speed cleaning (Max. 10m/min), low noise (Max. 70dB), high

availability working speed.

� Self � diagnosis system and output display with touch screen.


Input Conveyor

This section conveys the glass sheets before the washing/drying section. The

conveyor consists of transmitting rollers which are safely and easily

interchangeable between steel board smooth support wall surface. The drive of

transport roller by friction allows for a gentler transport and less wear on the

rollers themselves. Moving speed controlled by inverter.

Vertical Washing Machine

Consists of washing stages which include a 6-brush low-E washer, drying zone

and blower. The body and main parts of washing machine are made with

premium stainless steel. The electronic regulation of brush drive, water

circulation and drying blower is used to achieve low energy and water

consumption. Automatic positioning of brushes and transport drive for glass

sheets from 3mm up to 12mm thickness (19mm optional). Low-E washing

function sensor can recognize Low-E coating and can control the rotation speed.

The transit speed of the glass can be changed in scale of 0-10m/min, getting the

best washing results according to ambient temperature & glass size. Also

contains an automatic storing function of glass sheets inside the wet and dry

area of the machine. The Vertical Washing Machine can work independently with

Input Conveyor and Output Conveyor through operating panel.

Tenon ET2000 IG Line Proposal #Tenon/021709-01-MB Page 3

Frame Mounting Conveyor

This section for manual mounting of spacer frames onto glass sheets. The frame

locators for the bottom front edge and tilts it automatically into position while

glass moves forward. The starting and stopping of transit is controlled via foot

pedal. The off-set can be set by the adjustment wheel and contains inspection


Automatic Assembly Machine

Used to assemble two pieces of glass and frame. It is consisting of support panel,

support roller, transmitting system, up-down guider and electric control box. Fully

automatic movement to move in the second piece of glass into place for

assembly. Sensors, stop bar and auto height and length detection are used to

control the movement of glass into place to ensure consistent assembly.

Plate Press Machine/Roller Press Machine

This section presses the two pieces of glass and frame together to finish the first

seal. It consists of two press panels/ two press rollers, transmitting system,

press structure, air float system and touch screen. Positioning system and

special guiding system along with adjustable pressing pressure for different glass

sizes are installed to ensure precision pressing. Glass transmits via air flotation

on the back wall of the stationary pressing.

Exit Tilting Table

Carries pressed glass, meanwhile turning the glass from vertical position to

horizontal position. It is consisting of free direction roller, transmitting system,

hydraulic system. After initial pressing of insulated glass units, the glass

will transfer to Tilting Table in order to complete the second sealing of the

insulated glass unit. This table is made in solid steel construction with

pneumatically operated tilting system. The support rollers are equipped with

balance weights to keep their horizontal position while the table is upright. Output

Conveyor can be installed before Tilting Table to increase output.

Control System

Control system is used to control all processes automatically. The touch screen

is able to diagnose problems and assess working capabilities.

In addition, it can measure the glass size automatically and show the amount of

products. Most of control parts such as PLC, SERVO motor, Inverter, Sensor from

Germany and Japan.


Maximum glass size 2000mm x 2800mm (78″ x 102″)

Minimum glass size 300mm x 400mm (12″ x 16″)

Glass thickness 3 � 12mm (19mm optional)

Thickness of IG unit* 15 � 38mm (50mm optional)

Washing speed 0 � 10m/min

Moving speed 0 � 40m/min

Electrical power Built to Customer Specification

Blower motor 11.5Kw

Total power 30 � 35Kw

Compressed air 100 psi / 35 cfm

Working Direction Left to Right or Right to Left

Size of Line 16500mm (L) x 2000 (W) x 3000 (H)

Total Weight 7,000 � 9,000kg

*While the machine is capable of producing 10mm thick IG units, Tenon guarantees the

thickness parameters above. Please note working with thinner glass units increases the

possibility of glass breakage.

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