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  July 30, 2021
Glass Machinery

Machine ID 4726 Year 2011
Category Glass Machinery - Laminating Equipment Condition Good
Type Laminating Oven Region Northeast US
Manufacturer Jordan Sale Price $21500.00
Model QX-LM    
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Description The QX-LM series are professional glass laminating machines for use without an autoclave system. The

QX-LM series can laminate EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), DuPont SENTRYGLASŪ (SG), and PVB

(Polyvinyl Butyral).

The QX-LM series consists of two heating tables arranged in line with a movable top hearth that may be

positioned over an individual table at a given time. Each table has its own heating and vacuum system

that encompasses the whole of their working area. A dual connection on the vacuum pump allows for

both tables to be in compression at the same time if so desired. For example, heat/vacuum laminating on

one and cool/vacuum material preparation on the other. The QX-LM series utilizes multiple propellers

arranged on the top of the movable hearth as a convection system to assure even heat distribution. The

upper heating elements are arranged in individually controlled groups for greater heat manipulation. The

thermocouples are free moving and can be position directly on the glass to assure a true temperature

reading. A PLC or simple timer combination assists the operator in introducing the heating recipes for

batch production.

The laminating process with use of the QX-LM series works as follows: Glass is first seamed, cleaned,

and assembled in sandwich form with the glass as the outer shell and the PVB, SENTRYGLASŪ, or

EVA film (or EVA+interlayer+EVA) constituting the inner layer(s) of the glass sandwich. The glass

sandwich is positioned on the heating tables and the vacuum is drawn. The movable hearth is positioned

over the production table and the heating process is initiated. Heating cycles may last anywhere from

60min - 190min depending on the interlayer, glass thickness, and/or type and thickness of interlayer

film(s) used. After the heating cycles, the laminated glass is cooled. The movable top hearth may be

moved to the other table for next batch production as the finished table is offloaded.

Lamination work may be done for an array of decorative glass, ballistic, or security applications such as

for handrails, pointed support walls, and canopies. The PVB, SENTRYGLASŪ, or EVA films may each

be layered to its own type to achieve desired thickness of the laminate. In addition, decorative interlayers

such as fabrics, rice paper, film, and PET may be used with EVA to achieve a desired effect.

*Note: The use of PVB requires additional material handling equipment prior to the actual laminating

process. DuPont� SentryGlasŪ is designed to withstand high wind forces and has received the Miami

Dade County's Product Control Notice of Acceptance (NAO).

Technical Reference QX-LM2031:

Max. Glass Processing Dimension: 2000*3100mm

Max. Glass Thickness: 40mm

Min. Glass Thickness: 3+3mm

EVA/SG Film Thickness: 0.25-0.90mm

Vacuum: -0.08MPa~-0.09MPa

Machine dimension: 7100*2320*1800mm (L.23"XW.8"XH.6")

Machine weight: 2000kg

Installed Power: 46KW

Heating power: 15-25KW

Nominal Heating temperature 90-130C

Electricity 3ph, 220V, 60HZ

Available glass: float, tempered, heat strengthened glass

Cycle production time: 60min - 180min

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Matt Dombrowski, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 17434 Palamino Lake Dr
Dade City Florida 33523
Phone 678-939-4136
Email sales@GlassMachineryLocator.com

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