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  September 15, 2019
Glass Machinery

Machine ID 3332 Year 2019
Category Glass Machinery - Tempering Furnaces Condition Brand new with warranty
Type Glass Autoclave Region Southeast US
Manufacturer GML    
Model N/A    
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Description American Made. Price includes start up and training.

New 86" x 14ft long Autoclave Shell with horizontal quick opening door. 200 PSIG @ 600 deg. F. with 72� ID x 10 ft long work area.


Work Area

72� ID x 10ft Long Work Area

Maximum Design Pressure

200 PSIG

Maximum Design Temperature


Heating System

230 KW


75 HP


Windows based Industrial PC Controls

Control System:

Multiprogramming Features.

Continuous Recording and Monitoring Temp/Press

Total automatic control of cycle sequences from beginning to end

Data logging system

Quick Opening Door:

Positive locking ring door design with fixed o-ring seal.

Fixed door dome extends life cycle of o-ring seal.

Hydraulic actuated with electrical safety interlocks.

Fixed o-ring gasket ensures a consistent tight seal.


Track supports and angle iron tracks provided

The tracks will be able to handle the customer supplied cart (Bondtech could manufacture cart if required at an additional cost)


Safety relief

One Pressure transducer for controlling pressure

Pressure switch for high pressure alarm

Factory Testing:

Bondtech's autoclaves will be fully tested prior to shipment

All subsystems will be wired and tested

Customers are invited to witness testing


Man-In-Cave safety switch

Control System Components:

EnVision Control System fully configured and tested

NEMA-12 compliant enclosure

Allen Bradley Industrial computer

Allen Bradley Compactlogix L35E

Ink Jet Printer

Hi-Limit controller Honeywell

Ethernet Switch Spider 5 TX industrial grade

UPS 1200VA


Painted with heat and corrosion resistant primer and paint

Temperature Monitoring Devices:

Thermocouples quoted separately

Cooling System:

Modular cooling coil located in front of electric coil

Cooling tower Requires cooling water equivalent to a 64 ton for controlled cooling 0-8 deg/min. F. loaded

Cooling tower priced separately

Vacuum System:

Vacuum Pump quoted Separately

Vacuum Lines quoted Separately


The interior of the autoclave will be insulated with 4" of high temp fiberglass

The insulation will then be covered by aluminized sheet metal

All exposed surfaces will be painted with industrial enamel

The autoclave will meet OSHA hot surface guidelines

Heating and Air Circulation System:

The Bondtech heating and air circulation system is properly sized to meet your temperature and air circulation requirements:

Modular 230 KW Electric Heater with SCR Control located in front of fan

One 75 HP fan located in a pressurized capsule of autoclave

An airflow duct will be provided in the floor and along sides that will provide temperature uniformity throughout the working area

Pressurized fan motor capsule requires water for cooling

Includes soft start for fan motor

This autoclave includes a heavy-duty quick opening locking ring door with a preferred sealing system that utilizes a fixed o-ring seal. This design maintains the door dome fixed while the locking ring rotates during locking and unlocking of the autoclave door. The positive lock design results in a tight seal eliminating potential pressure leaks as experienced with other door designs.

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Matt Dombrowski, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 6264 Kurt Street
Brooksville Florida 34604
Phone 678-939-4136
Email sales@GlassMachineryLocator.com

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